As I sit here writing this email I can’t help but think about what today “normally” would have looked like…

It’s the third Thursday of the month which means I would be getting ready for our April luncheon; excited to put on something colorful and looking forward to seeing all of you and hearing from a powerful speaker! Feeling great about the dessert I would have planned to indulge in because I would have gotten an early morning workout in at the gym.  And in all likelihood, I would also be looking forward to happy hour with friends because Thursday is my favorite day of the week to have a drink!  Are you finding yourself walking down this same mental path of what you would have been doing, should have been doing, and/or wish you were doing? IF that answer is YES you are normal and not alone!

I’m a planner and this year was planned to be one of the best yet. I had a trip booked with family or for business each month, starting in March through July.  All of which have been postponed or canceled. We have an incredible IREM Board this year and I looked forward to a smooth and successful Presidency with so many great events! Now, we are discussing how to modify or delay (DON’T get any ideas IREM – we are still going to have a GREAT YEAR despite modifications)! You get where I’m going here – so much has changed and we are left trying to find ways to stay engaged, encouraged, grateful, and SANE.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had many conversations with my kids, my co-workers, my friends and family about “little victories.” These little victories are now the highlight of our day in place of what we had originally planned to look forward to. Ironically, I find this translating into asking ourselves, What Is Success to You? There is NO question that back in December all of us had a very different idea of what success was going to be for the coming year. There is no question that many of us have shared disappointments, and tears, and frustration, fear, or pain for how this unanticipated pandemic has affected our lives. So today when I WISH I was connecting in-person, going about my “normal” life that I love, I’d like to ask our IREM family to look for the little victories. Notice that while success likely look’s totally different right now, there is still something that IS, in fact, a glimmer of success. And celebrate it no matter how big or small.

Encouraged by Andie Albers I asked our IREM Board to send me a picture of what success was to them over the past few weeks. And this is how it looked…



I want you to know that I speak on behalf of our entire Board – we miss you!  We too miss “normal” life. We too have good days and tough days. However, one thing remains – WE are going to get through this, we are going to remain connected, and we will persevere stronger. In the meantime, if I or the Board can do anything for you please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Additional resources OR just fun facts:

  • Many liquor stores are delivering.
  • Should you feel fortunate enough, there is an incredible fundraiser happening through ONE KC, and donations TODAY will be matched up to one million dollars! Learn more here.
  • Still looking for a reason to smile – go check out SGN with John Krasinski who started this at a time where we could all use some good news.