Annual Vote of Membership

In accordance with our chapter bylaws, I am pleased to announce the annual vote of membership for a new executive board member will be on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at Milburn Country Club at 8:00am during our September breakfast meeting. The 2019 Board will take their oath of office and assume their duties at our December luncheon. On behalf of the 2018 board, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation this year, and we look forward to serving all of you in 2019.

Current members whose dues are paid in full are eligible to vote at the meeting.

The 2019 board is as follows:

Pam McKechnie – President

Monica Miller – VP / Treasurer

Kim Cronan – Education

Matt Pepper – Legislative

Deanna Jefferson – Programs

Melinda Sissel – Membership

Skip Rosenstock – PR / Golf

Ryan Huffman – Past President


August 7 Vote No on Question 1


IREM KC would like to make our members aware of a proposed ordinance that will be on the Special Election Ballot on August 7. Referred to as Question 1, this ordinance will enact a rental licensing program to be overseen by the Kansas City Health Department.

IREM KC is working in conjunction with Heartland Apartment Association to encourage voters to vote against this ordinance for the following reasons: 
  • KCMO already has a substantial affordable housing problem. The costs of this program (the extent of which are currently unknown) will be passed along to the tenants, increasing monthly rents and making housing even less affordable for many.
  • The passage of Question 1, left unchecked, will allow government officials to enter and inspect rental property without a warrant — this is a violation of the 4th Amendment and denies “due process” and “equal protection” under the 14th Amendment. Under the Constitution, renters possess the same rights to privacy as homeowners, and with respect to taxpayer supported health and safety minimum standards, in this instance homeowners are held to a lower standard than rental property owners.
  • Renters currently have the ability to request inspections of rental properties by the KCMO health department and codes department inspectors — additional expense and unenforceable regulation changes nothing, and only serves to discourage re-investment in KC’s aging housing stock.
  • KCMO already has substantial health, safety and property maintenance codes on the books to address the concerns that this ordinance claims to resolve. Kansas City officials simply choose not to enforce existing laws against non-compliant landlords, because accountable enforcement could ultimately cause  the City to assume responsibility for numerous derelict properties, as well as for identifying alternative housing for a significant number of displaced residents. 

A synopsis of this ordinance is as follows:

  1. A fee of $20 per rental unit is due at the time of submission for a permit.
  2. A unit may not be offered if the fee is not paid.
  3. It is a complaint based system. If someone calls to complain, the city can come and inspect.
  4. If they find a violation, a $150 per unit re-inspection fee will be assessed.
  5. The fees can increase at the will of the Health Department in line with CPI indexing.
  6. If a permit lapses, there is a $300 reinstatement fee per unit.  
  7. The health department is given full authority to formulate the rules and regulations regarding implementation of the ordinance.  
  8. If a complaint is made, inspection must be granted. A complaint can be made by anyone on anyone, and the affected unit would receive a five day notice of said inspection.
  9. The Director of Health will also establish rules for random inspections of the permitted units, and will also establish rules for random inspection of properties where there are offenses.  
  10. We all must comply with the inspections if scheduled.

*If you have questions about Question 1 or want to learn more, please contact Sam Alpert with Heartland Apartment Association at 816-561-9958. 

GUEST POST from MidAmerica Metals

Take the Guesswork out of Your Facility Maintenance Budget

buget-featureMaintenance plays a crucial role in your annual facilities budgeting process.

Anticipating maintenance expenses for the coming year helps to manage your costs and implement an effective preventive maintenance plan.

There are several additional benefits of good operating budget planning that includes preventive maintenance:

  • Aligns maintenance activity with your organizational mission
  • Shapes your facility’s annual financial outlook and the role of maintenance in that outlook
  • Encourages an in-depth look at facilities to identify areas of greatest need
  • May coincide with an equipment assessment to maintain up-to-date capabilities
  • Helps to identify cost-cutting opportunities
  • Can include a personnel review to ensure that you’re working with the best professionals to provide the maintenance you need

Maintenance budgeting involves planning for routine care, determining upcoming capital expenses and examining the life cycle of your most costly assets.

It’s also a good idea to put a contingency fund in place so you’re prepared to deal with the unexpected, and reassess your budget throughout the year in response to changing circumstances.

In addition, your maintenance service providers can provide insights to guide the budgeting process and manage day-to-day implementation of your maintenance plan.

A good place to start is to talk with service providers about including expected maintenance costs in your operating and capital budgets.


Operating expenses are used for day-to-day upkeep, but forecasting annual maintenance costs can be a tricky endeavor.

A trusted service provider should be willing to sit down and help you assemble a proposed budget and can often provide accurate estimates based on their past experience with other properties that have similar conditions.

This helps you to anticipate wear and tear on your building and estimate the corresponding maintenance that will be required to enhance the safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of your facility for customers and employees alike.

Many factors go into projecting your operating maintenance needs:

  • General use of the space
  • Estimated foot traffic
  • Environmental conditions
  • Types of finishes used on assets


Capital expenses, on the other hand, are funds specifically set aside to purchase, upgrade or extend the life of physical assets like equipment, vehicles, and properties.

Large renovation projects or project undertaken to extend the useful life of a building would fall under this category.

Emergency repairs can often not be predicted, which is where a contingency fund can help.

However, other large projects are easier to tackle when they are planned and budgeted for ahead of time. This helps you to select the right service provider for each part of the process and get the most value for the money you spend on the project.


When you’re working on your annual budgeting process, reach out to your trusted service providers for an accurate estimate of expenses so you can be prepared for the year ahead.

As you transition from one fiscal year to another, a trusted service provider can also help you make the most of your remaining budget.

Flexible scheduling and invoicing programs are critical components to many operating and capital projects, and a reputable service provider will be happy to provide a set of options to suit your needs.

Are you looking for guidance on maintenance budgeting for the coming year?

Contact us at Mid America Metals. We’ll assess your needs and help you invest in the right services to keep your facility in excellent condition for years to come.

Questions for Mid AmericaMetals: and


New Board Member Vote

On behalf of your 2017 officers, I am pleased to announce the annual vote of Membership for a new Executive Board Member will be Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Milburn Country Club, Overland Park, Kansas at 11:30 a.m..
Key items you will be asked to consider and vote on at the meeting are:
(1) Election of the Board:
Routine business item includes approval of the new IREM Kansas City Executive Board Member. Prior to the meeting a Consent Agenda will be posted online.
(2) Notice Period Consent Agenda:
A request for a one time waiver of 30 days written notice and instead substituting 10 days written notice via electronic communications.
Current members whose dues are paid in full are eligible to vote at the meeting.
If you will not be in attendance at the meeting, please notify me by return e-mail so I can note your absence as “excused” on the sign-in sheet.
We are looking forward to seeing you on September 21.


Kelly Barton, CPM
IREM KC 2017 President
Ryan Huffman, CPM
IREM KC 2018 President

Who You Going To Call

January’s “Who You Going To Call” Sponsor is BluSky Restoration Contractors.


BluSky Restoration Contractors has been providing commercial damage restoration, renovation, environmental and roofing services nationally since 2004.  We have 10 offices throughout the US and have performed work in 40 of the 50 states in the past 5 years.  We strive for excellence in all phases of our work including; planning, budgeting, communication, documentation, experience, technical competence, training, and overall management of a project.  We have proven ourselves on all sizes of projects from small mitigation to multimillion dollar renovations.

Site stability and safety, shoring, testing and temporary board up; these are just a few of the tasks we specialize in when it comes to restoring your property. Damage restoration needs can arise from many types of disasters. From water to smoke to mold to asbestos, we can clean it up and put things back to normal.

When disaster strikes, a timely response is important, but pre-planning is even better. BluSky’s First Aid Disaster Response Plan provides immediate assistance to your company’s personnel and property following any type of damage. At BluSky, we understand the unique requirements of national catastrophe mobilization. By establishing a working partnership prior to a significant property loss, you will recover faster and minimize your business losses. The First Aid Disaster Response Plan is an integral part of your total disaster preparedness plan and provides unparalleled protection to your ownership group in the event of a disaster. With First Aid, our goals are aligned—return your property and your life back to normal as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Since 2004, we’ve supported our claim of superior customer service by maintaining our 96 Proof philosophy—96% of our clients say “I would hire BluSky again”.

People on the Move

2017-01-05_0001Happy New Year! We ended our year on a very high note and are proud to do a little bragging on some of our awesome members. Congratulations to Janae Nezerka from CertaPro Painters of Johnson County for being named Industry Partner of the Year; Gail Tieman from Kessinger/Hunter for being named Candidate of the Year; and our very own 2016 IREM KC President, Vicki O’Malley for being named CPM of the Year!

swearing in of the 2017 board.jpg

The new 2017 board members were also sworn in. We are thrilled to welcome Kelly Barton from CBRE as our 2017 IREM KC President!

lenora-2014-headshotAnd we are honored to congratulate IREM Kansas City Certified Property Manager, Lenora Carpenter on being announced the new President of Block Multifamily Group!  

Letter from our 2016 President

As 2016 comes to an end, I want to take a moment to thank everyone that is a part of the IREM community for our success.

We held some very informative luncheons with speakers that ran the gamut from KCMO’s City Manager, Troy Schulte to Dr. Tony Nash to Jill McCarty from KCADC. We cannot forget the annual IREM Forecast luncheon in November filling 28 Event Space as real estate professionals gathered to hear leading industry professionals’ predictions for 2017. 2016 will come to an end back at 28 Event Space as we swear in the new board; recognize the Children’s Place our charitable recipient; and, participate in some fun with the annual Holiday Raffle.
In 2016, Kansas City was proud to participate in the inaugural events as Mike Lanning was sworn in as the 2017 IREM President. A bonus was being on hand as Brad Ashley was recognized for his contributions to IREM and a recipient of the Professional Achievement Award. IREMKC’s participation at the National level is significant. In addition to Mike’s involvement, Anne Lemon, Brad Ashley, Lee Whitman and Ryan Huffman are involved in some capacity on the National level. To have that many IREM members from one chapter and especially given the size of Kansas City is pretty spectacular and we should all be proud of their commitment and dedication to our profession.

I cannot end the year without recognizing some pretty important people to me. To start off, the IREMKC 2016 Board — the hours spent making our organization topnotch and ensuring each event goes off without a hitch and chairing your specific committee; thank you. To the committee members assisting the Chair, true success comes from you and your unselfish time you gave to IREM; thank you. To every member and industry partner, your participation and involvement is most appreciated from monthly luncheons to the IREM Golf Tournament to Happy Hours. Again, without you we wouldn’t be an organization. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and partnership. Finally, there is one person that holds us all together and that is Andie Albers, IREM Kansas City’s Association Executive. Without you, we would all be lost. THANK YOU for all that you do in keeping us on task and elevating our organization to that next step with your marketing skills.

As a reminder, 2017 Invoices to Members have been sent. Included in the billing is the IREM National dues, Kansas City dues, luncheon costs (if you would like to prepay), as well as if you would like to contribute to the IREM foundation. If you haven’t received yours, please contact Andie and she can assist. Industry Partners, the link is open on the IREMKC website to register for 2017. You have until January 15th to register before it closes and we look to those vendors on the waiting list.

I am looking forward to celebrating with everyone at the December Holiday luncheon. Don’t forget to register. Thank you and I hope you are able to enjoy this special time of year.

Vicki O’Malley, CPM
2016 IREM KC President



Last week we rolled out the new look for our website. The site address will remain the same; however, the website will include two major changes:

1. Logging on will be required before registering for any IREM KC event. Your login user name is your email. If you do not have a password or can’t remember yours, please click on “lost your password” and a new password link will be sent to your email account.

2. All payments will now be made through PayPal. You will need to set up a PayPal account using your company credit card and email, if you do not have one set up already. Paying for events going forward will be faster and will not require you to type in your credit card each time.

Energy Ordinance Reminder

A reminder for anyone who has buildings over 100,000 SF in Kansas City MO, the City is requiring our compliance with the Energy Ordinance by May 2017.

There appears to be a fair amount of set up on the front-end to get the buildings set-up.

See more information here: